Newcomer Bryson Tiller Drops The Visuals for Viral Hit ‘Don’t’

On Fridays, I like to look through my inbox and listen to music submissions. It gets me through the day and at the same time, has me discovering new music. Win-win.

Today, I’m pretty excited to share the work of Bryson Tiller, an artist whose work has been making the rounds on the internet, and now you’re about to find out why.

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Let It Go and ‘Let’s Dance’ with Sarsha Simone

Australian singer/songwriter Sarsha Simone released her debut solo single this week, ‘Let’s Dance’.

As the singer herself describes, ‘This song is all about finding your freedom within yourself, like that feeling when you put on your headphones, block the world out and just dance.’

This is something I can definitely relate to. How about you?

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Classic Man

What Does It Mean To Be A ‘Classic Man’?

‘The plan wasn’t to get rich; the plan was to enrich.’ – Ouigi Theodore

Click on the story to delve into two different perspectives from Theodore (Designer of Brooklyn Circus) and Mike Muse (Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Muse Recordings) on what they feel is the meaning behind what a ‘Classic Man’ is all about, as sung by Jidenna.

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Golden Rules is Eric Biddines and Paul White.

Golden Rules Tells Us What’s Behind The (Ultimate) Golden Ticket

Being in a long distance relationship can be pretty tough, so imagine what it must be like for two creative artists from two different countries to collaborate together to create a unique sound to share to the world through their debut album.

Golden Rules consists of UK beat maker extraordinaire Paul White and emcee/singer Eric Biddines and together they’ve not only formed our favourite new act of 2015 but also served up one of our fave records of the year so far.

Collectively, the Golden Rules sound transcends the traditional music genres you’ll hear on commercial radio today and that’s exactly what intrigued me to find out more about them.

Check out our interview with Golden Rules.

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MBFWA 2015

Jayson Brunsdon's Newest Collection is Rebellious and Romantic Read More


After Dark Adventures