Produced by Parisian, French Kiwi Juice


Featuring the vocal stylings of Madelyn Grant.

FKJ- Waiting - feature

FKJ: Waiting

Parisian producer French Kiwi Juice, or just simply FKJ, has already gained some serious attention, and by the sounds of his latest single, ‘Waiting’, it’s easy to see why.

‘Waiting’ is an incredibly smooth and chilled-out tune. Listen to it now.

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Directed by Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas.

Inspiring Creativity
A short film about creative thinking and behaviours.

Created by Liberatum.

Inspiring Creativity - feature

Inspiring Creativity

Calling all individuals who are creative or like to think that they are, let me ask you one question: What inspires your creativity?

I’m sure many of you will come up with the same answers – family, friends, art, music, love, etc.

Have you ever wondered what inspires the creative minds of those individuals that inspire you and your work?

Hit the link below to find out.

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Featuring guest vocals from Pheobe Lou (ex-Snakadaktal).


Extra beats provided by hip hop artist M-Phazes

Dreamers - feature

Hopium: Dreamers

Melbourne-based electronic act Hopium are a little bit of a mystery, with little to no information about them except for the fact that they have two singles under their belt.

But in saying that, their new single, ‘Dreamers’ is sure to have the music world buzzing wanting to know more about them.

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Talented producer and vocalist


His EP, Days In a Triangle, is out now.

Insert Runaway - feature

Kyan: Insert Runaway

More people need to know about Kyan.

And it’s about time they sat up and listened.

Hailing from Cambridge (Britain), the young producer and vocalist is making waves with his new EP and the first single we’ve been introduced to is really worth listening to. Trust.

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Detroit MC that has proven to be both fresh and real.

Guilty Simpson x Katalyst
An Australian/NZ tour for both artists to showcase their solo work as well as what they've been working on together.

Sydney-based producer

Guilty Simpson x Katalyst - feature

Guilty Simpson and Katalyst Australian Tour

For years Guilty Simpson has been a rock on the Detroit hip-hop circuit alongside those such as J Dilla, Slum Village, Eminem (whom Guilty still calls “Marshall”) & D12, Obie Trice, Proof, Phat Kat and Black Milk. Since the early 00′s, Guilty has emerged as a sound to be reckoned and an MC to keep on your radar.

Sydney based Katalyst has been behind the scenes of the music industry for years, producing for others since the mid-90s; and every one of his solo releases has earnt him an ARIA nomination in Australia, establishing him with a strong fan base worldwide.

Detroit MC Guilty Simpson and Sydney DJ / Producer Katalyst first linked up to work on the Quakers album with Geoff Barrow for Stones Throw Records. It was a good match and not long after Stones Throw approached Katalyst to do more work with Guilty.

Since then, they have both been cooking up something special in the lab with a collaborative record, due for release in 2015. Whilst no-one knows for sure what exactly they’ve been working on, you can get a sneak peek if you grab a ticket to one of their shows on this national tour.

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Originally composed by British band Radiohead

Jordan Rakei

Featured on their 2007 self-released album, In Rainbows.

Jordan Rakei - Bodysnatchers - feature

Jordan Rakei: Bodysnatchers

I’m always interested to find out an artist’s musical influences. There’s always the answers you expect to hear that everyone is a fan of – particularly when they’ve been pigeon-holed into a specific genre so usually they will list the artists that you want to hear.

In this particular write-up, that wasn’t the case.

Brisbane’s Jordan Rakei has listed Radiohead as one of his favourite bands and yesterday, he released a cover of one of his favourite songs, Bodysnatchers.

A soul artist covering Radiohead? Can you imagine it?

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Designed and created by Sydney brand DOSH


Designing a two-in-one product that holds your iPhone, credit cards and cash.

Syncro - feature

Dosh: Syncro

Australian wallet brand Dosh recently released their Syncro range which is a true testament to the Dosh philosophy of streamlining the contents of your pocket.

The new Syncro range provides us with a capsule wallet that is a compact and innovative way to carry your iPhone, credit cards and cash.

With innovative materials and construction, your iPhone 5/5s is surely to survive many years of use and abuse.

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Produced by LA producer, KLSH

Back In The Day
Rochelle Jordan

From DJ Kitty Cash’s forthcoming project, Love The Free Vol. II, to be released on July 29.

Back In The Day - feature

Rochelle Jordan – Back In The Day

Who doesn’t reminisce about things that happened in the past…?

This song really hit me when I heard it the first time.

Just as Rochelle Jordan reminisces about a particular relationship from her past, i couldn’t help but think about my own experiences..

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20-year-old rapper from Virginia

On You
Chet Faker and GoldLink in the studio together creating a Song From Scratch.

Soulful vocalist and musician from Melbourne

Songs From Scratch - feature

Song From Scratch: Chet Faker x GoldLink

GoldLink describes himself as ‘Rick James meets Justin Timberlake (*NSYNC days) with Backstreet Boys and a little D12 and Tupac’. Interesting.

Chet Faker, on the other hand.. well you all should know how I feel about him.

Now, imagine the two in the studio together creating a song from scratch. Hit the link below to see the outcome.

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Coming from the new record, PARTYNEXTDOOR Two, which will drop on July 29th.


Featuring a guest verse from Drizzy.

Recognize - feature


Earlier today, PARTYNEXTDOOR announced the July 29 release of his sophomore album PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO, and soon after, he let loose the project’s pre-order bonus track, ‘Recognize’, featuring OVO Sound’s head owl Drake.

Listen to the track now.

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