Sober Thoughts Decoded - feature

DECODED: GoldLink – Sober Thoughts

DMV rapper GoldLink breaks down ‘Sober Thoughts’, his standout track from producer Kaytranada’s “Whatever” mixtape; revealing verse by verse the true meaning behind his lyrics and performing the hook in such a raw setting.

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Nao - feature

Nao: In The Morning

London singer/songwriter Nao invites us on a powerful and soulful journey with her new single, revealing to us layers of emotions and telling us of a past lover she needs to let go of.

It’s a story that is just all-too-familiar.

Don’t you agree?

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Field Day 2015 - feature

What Happened at Field Day 2015?

After all my social spamming, you should already be aware where I was on on the first day of 2015 – but for those of you who have been living under a rock, I managed to make my way through 30+ degree weather to spend the day at Sydney’s The Domain for FIELD DAY.

Yessir. Peep the above photo to read about what went down.

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Sober - feature

Childish Gambino: Sober

Danny Glover. Whether you know him better through music as Childish Gambino or as Troy Barnes in “Community”, it’s obvious that this guy has…

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John Legend - feature

The Night I Met John Legend..

That headline caught your attention, didn’t it?

Well, it actually happened. But it wasn’t for as long as I would’ve hoped. Nevertheless, it happened.

Read on to see what exactly went down.

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An Interview with Matty Huynh

An Australian born, Brooklyn-based artist with hundreds of stories to tell. Read More

After Dark Adventures