Written and directed by Zach Braff..

Wish I Was Here
A review of one of the best films of 2014.

..and starring Kate Hudson.

Wish I Was Here - feature

Movie Review: Wish I Was Here

Whilst the Melbourne International Film Festival wraps up this weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a screening earlier this week of ‘Wish I Was Here’, a movie that was funded via Kickstarter and starring Zach Braff and Kate Hudson.

Read on for my thoughts on the film.

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Presented by Hunger TV.

The Other Side
An exclusive mix curated by Laura Welsh.

Co-inciding with the release of her new single, Break The Fall.

The Other Side [Mix] - feature

Laura Welsh: The Other Side [Mix]

Fresh from the release of her new single, Break The Fall, songstress Laura Welsh has created a special, smooth-blended mix for us and our ears featuring Thom Yorke, J Dilla, Portishead, FlyLo and so much more.


Hit the link below.

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Featuring pieces that are perfect to wear day or night; pre-workout, during or post-workout.

The new collection from Nike Sportswear.
In stores until 30th September.

Showcasing apparel and footwear for both men and women.

Nike Fall Sportswear 2014 - feature

Nike Sportswear: Fall 2014

Whilst the entire Fall collection from Nike should be celebrated and shared with the world, it’s the Sportswear collection from the Fall 2014 collection that I’ve chosen to highlight for this particular write-up.

Trying to juggle two lives, the Sportswear collection features pieces that I can see myself incorporating into both my corporate and creative life with some clever and subtle styling.

Don’t worry fellas, you’re included in this post. ;)

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Starring Eddie Redmayne..

The Theory of Everything
The first official trailer for the biopic of Stephen Hawking.

...and Felicity Jones.

The Theory of Everything - feature

Movie Trailer: The Theory of Everything

An upcoming film about the life and times of famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is going to be a real tear-jerker, if the newly released trailer is any indication.

Watch it now and get some tissues ready.

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Originally composed by Disclosure..

Daniela Andrade

..and the vocal stylings of Sam Smith.

Daniela Andrade - Latch - feature

Daniela Andrade: Latch

This voice has been stuck in my head all week!

Not so much the song itself – well, a particular part of the song, yes – but really, it’s the angelic voice of Daniela Andrade that has been weaving in and out of my head all week.

Just listen.

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Hosted by VICE's new food channel.

Huang's World
Eddie Huang's entertaining web series needs a new name.

Previously named after his memoir as well as many of Eddie's other widely reached projects.

Huang's World - feature

MUNCHIES: Huang’s World

Eddie Huang is returning to our interweb monitors!!

Although the show has a new name, that doesn’t mean the content has changed. In the words of Huang himself:

‘…In place of doing one better, we’ll do what people always do when they say they’re going to do better and do the same damn thing and call it something else. To be honest, we don’t care what you call it. Just tune in and support shows hosted by human pandas like you have the last two years because we’re extremely majestic and endangered i.e. big dick unicorns. Henceforth, the world’s only show hosted by a human panda will be called: HUANG’S WORLD, coming soon to MUNCHIES.’

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The first single from her new EP.

So High
Doja Cat

Produced by French beatmaker/composer, Evil Needle

So High - feature

Doja Cat: So High

When someone recommends a song for me to listen to, I usually add it to the list because there is just too much music out there these days to filter through. But when I finally find the time to go back and listen to the songs in that particular list, sometimes I feel like too much time has passed for me to write about the song or the artist.

I heard about Doja Cat a while back but regrettably admit, that I slept on her sound and her voice. Earlier this week, I was listening to Soulection Radio’s 181st episode and heard the premiere of her EP, Purr! and it completely woke me up!

Hit the link below to listen to one of her stand-out tracks from the record.

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From the critically-acclaimed album, In The Lonely Hour

I'm Not The Only One
Sam Smith

Featuring a stunning performance from Dianna Agron

I'm Not The Only One - feature

Sam Smith: I’m Not The Only One

This week, Sam Smith debuted his scandalous, fiery and heartbreaking music video for his song ‘I’m Not The Only One’.

But everything is not as it seems in this emotionally-charged video. Check it out.

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Presented by Nike Sportswear

Brazilian Artists x Nike Sportswear
A special collaboration that puts Brazil in the spotlight.

Incorporating the photography of husband-and-wife duo, Flavio Samelo and Jayelle Hudson.

Brazilian Artists x Nike Sportswear - feature

Brazilian Artists x Nike Sportswear

Opposites attract.

Do you believe that?

Well, with Nike Sportwear’s polarising art collaboration, it actually works!

Hit the link below to find out more.

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An initiative funded by Jack Daniels

The Truth About Money in Music
A thought-provoking look into what it takes to get by in the music industry.

The Truth About Money in Music - feature

The Truth About Money in Music

Through an initiative funded by Jack Daniel’s, filmmaker Dan Graetz takes a raw, honest, and open look into what it takes to survive as a musician, or artist, or young independent creative,

‘The Truth About Money in Music’ features interviews with Kate Miller-Heidke, James Tidswell from Violent Soho, Remi, KLP and The Cairos.

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