REMI + Sensible J Impressed Sydney With A Dynamic Performance

Melbourne MC Remi and his right-hand man/bandmate Sensible J are currently touring the country, promoting their new record, “Divas and Demons”, which by the way, is a solid record that you should definitely check out.
They managed to sell out both of their shows in Sydney and we were there on Thursday night to check out all the action. Read on for our review.

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Davido Blends R&B and Afrobeats on his New ‘Son of Mercy’ EP

Nigerian superstar Davido is 23 and has just released his first project through Sony, in the form of his new EP ‘Son Of Mercy’. Hailed by African media as “the flag bearer of the afrobeats movement”, it’s exciting for us to discover new artists like Davido.
Check out Krystal Beasley’s review of his EP.

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What We Learnt From Day Two at EMC Sydney 2016

After attending EMC Sydney 2016 for the completion of Day One, it was clear that the Electronic Music Conference was more about the music. It was more for those wanting to get in the business or who already are and wanting to learn more about managing their brands, artists, labels and audiences.
Day One left us energised and wanting to go straight home to start working. As for Day Two? Read on to find out our thoughts.

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The ‘Inside Blastoma’ Tour: A Stellar Lineup of Remarkably Talented Women

Ngaiire kicked off her Blastoma Tour with a stellar all-female line-up at The Corner Hotel on Friday 25 November. The Papua New Guinea-born singer was supported on the night by soulful singer Wallace and local artist Woodes.
Our Melbourne contributor Krystal Beasley was there to watch the three powerful women perform. Read on for her review.
Photos by Greg Holland via SpeakerTV.

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MBFWA 2016

Jennifer Kate's curation of her MBFWA show was so on point Read More


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