What Colour is Your Music?

I really dislike people who stereotype others. I admit I stereotyped when I was younger because I grew up with and around it, generalising people and putting a label on certain things. But now that I’m older, I just have to say I’m embarrassed for those my age who still do it. SMH.

Seriously, are you saying, you can take one look at me and tell me you’ve already put me into a box of certain labels that you think apply to me? All because of what? My race, my gender, my appearance? That’s f*cked up.

All from just looking at me, you can determine the music I like, my fashion sense and the kind of person I am? Well let me tell you something, you’re most likely to guess the wrong things.

Here’s an interesting video that came out of Pharrell’s i am OTHER YouTube Channel – “What Colour Is Your Music?”, heading to the streets and asking locals, which artists do they listen to, and what colour is their music?

Today’s culture and society is so f*cked up that an individual can think that just by looking at someone, they know what music they would (typically) listen to. This hypothesis was experimented in the video below. Just watch.

Does it really matter what music we listen to? And if it is, why does it need to be represented by a certain colour? As you can tell, I’m pretty heated by the topic of this particular post/video and think it’s best that I stop now. Share your thoughts on the 5 to 9 life Facebook page.

But just one more thing. This topic of all things stereotyping reminded me of this skit of Def Poetry Jam a few years back. Watch it. Being Asian and stereotyped often, this video spoke volumes with me the first time I watched it.