Cut & Show: Making A Pair of Jeans By Hand with Levi’s Master Tailor

Cut & Show- Making A Pair of Jeans By Hand with Levi's Master Tailor

This post is for the fellas – but also for anyone who is genuinely interested in the art of making a pair of jeans. The finer details of it all.

Spotted over at, this is a magnificent watch. One of the better behind-the-scenes videos I’ve seen in a while actually.

Although I haven’t owned a pair of Levi’s since who knows when (let’s just say, it’s been a while), this video showcases the skill and meticulous detail that goes into each pair of jeans that is created.

Yes, this video is mainly about custom-made jeans but just watch when Levi’s Master Tailor, Ryan Grant-Hays, is at work.

The passion is there. It’s instilled within him.

And they are a nice pair of jeans that he produces. Hmm… 🙂

Check it out below:

“To me, jeans are a luxury item.” – Ryan Grant-Hays