Kaytranada Ft. JMSN: All We Do

Kaytranada Ft. JMSN - All We Do

There is so much new music for me to listen to this weekend. Records that I haven’t had time to listen to, records that I’ve slept on, and records that have only been released this week. I’m not complaining though. In fact, I say, ‘Keep it coming’.

I’ve finally been able to give Kaytranada’s latest record, “Kaytra Todo”, a spin (which I know I’m really late on, seeing that it was released late last month), but this is easily my favourite track from it, which also showcases the vocals of JMSN. I was going to write up a review of the entire record, but I figured I’d just do a little write-up on what I believe is the stand-out track from it.

Now I know I haven’t really written much about either of these artists but they’re both very talented and respected in their own rights. Needless to say though, once again it was Aussie beatsmith Ta-ku that put me up on both of these artists but I’m glad he did.

“All we do is run around and lose our focus. We’re all unfocused…”

JMSN has such a soulful voice and the emotions played out in ‘All We Do’ – as well as the lyrical content – spoke volumes to me.

Over the smooth blended beats of Kaytranada, these two artists together definitely make for a magical collaboration. Kaytranada and JMSN need to go back into the studio for a complete collaborative effort. Please. Make. It. Happen.

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