Shwood: The Stone Collection

Shwood - The Stone Collection

I’ve always liked the wooden frames that eyewear label Shwood have done in the past, but it seemed they brought them out when wood was seen in all types of products and it was just everywhere. It didn’t really stand out to me.

Until now. The new collection from the label sees their designs pushing them to another level, making them stand out in the crowd just that little bit more.

Shwood - The Stone Collection_2

Shwood - The Stone Collection_3

The Portland-based label – best known for their wooden frame offerings – are pushing forward into new territory with “The Stone Collection”. Working alongside a high-tech German engineering firm, Shwood cut millimeter-thick slices of real slate and added them to the exterior of the flagship Canby and Belmont silhouettes, finding the perfect balance between rugged and refined. Hand-poured pewter inlays complete the look, while a custom felt pouch with embroidered leather patch give an additional touch of class.

Shwood - The Stone Collection_4

If the aforementioned text doesn’t intrigue you, then check out this video which shows the production process of the new Stone Collection:

The Stone Collection by Shwood from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

They are producing a limited run of 200 pairs which comes packaged with a custom felt pouch and embroidered leather patch, which are now available from Shwood.

Here’s hoping Sydney’s CAPSULE stores make a few orders of these beauties. Hint hint.