Txaber: Just Type It

Txaber - Just Type It

I absolutely love the concept of this entire typography series. Not only is it visually appealing, but the twist on the iconic sportswear brand is genius.

Txaber - Just Type It_2

Inspired by Nike‘s motto ‘Just Do It’ and partly by a basketball court’s wooden flooring, creative artist Txaber devised a unique typeface made from wooden slats.

The result is a beautifully crafted typography in wood, with the ability to transform from two-dimensional into 3D just by the simple addition of pre-made curved laminates.

Txaber - Just Type It_3

Txaber - Just Type It_4

Txaber is the artist behind this unique series, and whilst there isn’t much information about him, the art that he has produced speaks volumes.

Txaber - Just Type It_C

Txaber - Just Type It_D

Txaber certainly knows how to create stunning alphabets. I love the texture and technique shown through each piece. It somehow creates an image that the wind is blowing through these slats and this is what happens when the frame freezes. That is what I get when I look at these images. What do you see?

Txaber - Just Type It_K

Txaber - Just Type It_O

Check out some of my favourite selections here and for a view of the entire collection, hit up Txaber’s website.