Penthouse Penthouse: When It’s Hot Ft. Djemba Djemba & Mr. Carmack

Penthouse Penthouse - When It's Hot Ft. Djemba Djemba & Mr. Carmack

I know it’s late and most of you are probably asleep or still out partying, but this is definitely one of those after-hours tunes, if you know what I mean. 😉

I was listening to ‘When It’s Hot’ in the office yesterday and I honestly could not stop pressing that play button.


The beats, the melody, the production, the lustful vocals and those sultry lyrics… Yep, Penthouse Penthouse, Djemba Djemba and Mr. Carmack have all won me over with this track. Yes.

But that hook! As a girl, is it bad that I really like this song? I probably shouldn’t be singing this song aloud though, right? Haha… So naughty! 😛

Purchase the tune here.