Event Review: PUMA Suede 45th Anniversary

PUMA Suede 45th Anniversary

Last Tuesday, some of Melbourne’s finest were in Sydney to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of PUMA’s Suede at an invitation-only event. Fancy!

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Set in an underground car park in Kings Cross, the location was actually pretty hard to find! My friend and I must have passed the location about five times! Here’s a tip: Don’t use Google Maps when the location is underground. #blondemoment

Just when we were about to give up, I spotted the small sign leading us to Alaska Projects which lead to a girl at the lifts awaiting our arrival. Finally, we found it! We made it! Phew.

It may have been tricky for us to navigate our way to the venue, but once we arrived, it was pretty damn cool. Who would have thought you’d be able to turn an empty parking lot/secret basement into a full-blown street party?

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As we sipped on drinks from Aguila, Bulmers and Schweppes, and munched on Mexican food from Cantina, we couldn’t stop talking about it! It was just so unexpected. It’s funny how you live in Sydney your whole life, and there are still all these hidden locations that you’re yet to find – that’s how I felt about it.

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In collaboration with ACCLAIM and Hype DC, PUMA transformed Sydney’s Alaska Projects into a special tribute night to celebrate the iconic footwear.

“The Suede made its debut on the 16th of October 1968, a momentous day in world sports history. It was at the official medal awarding ceremony and Smith was to receive his gold medal. He carried a pair of black Suede’s to the podium, barefoot in his black socks, stepped up, set the shoes down, put his fist in the air, bowed his head—and yes, the rest is history.”

Pretty cool, huh? Bet you didn’t know that PUMA’s influence on the street, basketball, hip-hop and b-boy culture scenes spanned over their 45 years of existence. Insane.

Paying homage to its street culture roots, the secret basement was also transformed with a 12 metre art piece by Sydney street artists, Numskull and Roach (from The Hours collective), and guests were treated to a special live set by possibly the only Aussie hip-hop artist I’m a fan of, Remi.

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Stepping up the bar even more, PUMA has also released a special edition Since ’68 Pack: “a commemorative trifecta featuring 3 colourways that represent the coveted medallion colours of gold, silver and bronze. Each style is decked out in deluxe brushed leather, distressed metallic formstrip, intricate stitching, metallic accents and Suede 68 logo on the tongue.”

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A great night with a great crowd celebrating all-round good vibes!

The ‘Since 68 Pack is available now at selected Hype DC stores.

*Photography provided by ACCLAIM and Paula Mijares.