City and Colour: Captured

City and Colour - Captured

Singer-songwriter Dallas Green aka City and Colour has been releasing 2-song EP’s over the past few months of songs from artists that I admire, and am surprised that he does too.

His latest EP, aptly titled “Covers Pt. 3” features him singing songs from the likes of female songstresses Alicia Keys and Bic Runga.

I’ve chosen to share with you the latter.

Who knew Green would be a fan of Runga’s work? And for those unfamiliar, Runga sang that big 90s hit. I’m sure you remember the one.

This particular track, however, oozes with Green’s signature magical melodic vibe, really bringing ‘Captured’ into a whole new realm of its own. Whilst the original is already a gloomy love tale gone awry, Green switches up the track a little bit and gives it more of an aggressive and determined bite.

Compare it to the original below.

Later this month, City and Colour returns to our shores for their highly anticipated Australian tour. I’ve got my ticket and can’t wait! 🙂