Red Bull Music Academy: What Difference Does It Make?

Red Bull Music Academy - What Difference Does It Make?

As the above picture reads, “What Difference Does It Make?” is a film about making music and is a full-length feature, directed by Ralf Schmerberg.

Releasing globally for one day only on February 17, the film will then become available the next day, for free, on The feature deals with the challenges that a life in the industry brings, which is definitely something I want to learn more about. View the trailer below.

Many notable artists are included in the picture, from Erykah Badu, Rakim and Q-Tip to Brian Eno, whose statement – ‘Why am I doing this and what difference does it make?’ – inspired the title.

The common thread between them all is that each has spent time as a studio tutor at the Academy, which holds workshops for aspiring musicians as it travels to a new city every year.

This coming week (Jan. 15) RBMA will be accepting applications for their 2014 series, which takes place in Tokyo.