MeLo-X: Drunk in Lust (Version 2)

MeLo-X - Drunk in Lust

Melo-X has a lot of labels to his name – DJ, producer, photographer, singer, multi-faceted creative artist – but recently, he decided to remix and put his own spin on a few chosen cuts from Beyoncé’s self-titled visual album, with an EP aptly titled, “Yonce-X”.

But just this week, he stepped it up a notch and released a second version of his original remix of ‘Drunk In Lust’.

The second version features sampling from both Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk In Love’ and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’ and gives the original a late-night dancey, ambient and chill vibe all rolled into one.

I dig it though. Do you?