Tei Shi: See Me

Tei Shi – aka Valerie Teicher – is based in Brooklyn and loves to experiment with her voice and sound, breaking barriers of what “pop” should sound like these days, and the only reason why I’ve mentioned pop is because she’s been described by many as a pop singer, but I think she shouldn’t be placed into just one genre.

Check out her Soundcloud page to see what I’m talking about. Hot Tip: Look for her cover of Beyonce’s ‘No Angel’.

Tei Shi herself describes her music as “mermaid music”. 😛

‘See Me’ is co-produced by Tei Shi alongside Luca Buccellati and Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley, and is strangely hypnotic within layers of electronic beats and a poetic voice.

This particular line hit me though: “I’ll runaway if I please.”

Isn’t there a point in our lives where we all just want to runaway and not answer to anyone? For me, it happens a lot. Every time we jump on a plane and go to a new destination, it somewhat feels as though we’re running away from our current lives, even if it’s just for a few hours. Anyone else feel this way?