Babycakes Romero: Death of Conversation

Babycakes Romero - Death of Conversation

We have all been guilty of doing this.

Technology, smartphones and the need to look at our social media* feeds has definitely killed our social interactions with each other.

If you have a smartphone and CANNOT identify with any one person featured in these photographs at least once in the last 5 years, I would call you a LIAR.

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I’m guilty of it. And I’m sure you are too.

But it’s definitely something that we need to reduce. What is wrong with face-to-face interaction?

Too many people have allowed social media to take over their lives. A friend recently told me a story of how he “unfollowed” another friend on Instagram, and five minutes later, that friend messaged him on Facebook to ask ‘Why’?


It turns out there is an app out there that will tell you if someone unfollows you on all the social media platforms that you’re connected to.

I am going to say this again: What The F*$%?!

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I honestly feel sorry for those who are constantly on their phones, checking every social media app and clicking refresh over and over again. Do you really need to know EVERYTHING that is going on with EVERYONE you know (or don’t know)?

The answer is No. If your answer was something else, you seriously need to consider what’s important in your life.

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Okay, rant over. Check out the work of photographer Babycakes Romero who captures these thoughts of mine perfectly.


*It might not just be social media. You could be playing games. Either way, get off your damn smartphones! Read a book instead.

  • Daniel

    Read a book instead? How does that help with social interaction? If you’re reading a book, you’re not socialising. You’re in your own little world.

    Let’s go back 10-20 years. On a train you would see people with their heads in a book, or reading a newspaper. Listening to their walkman/discman ignoring everyone around them. Was there much social interaction? NO! Go forward to the present, and you’ll see a similar situation, except much of this has been replaced by phones. Yet all of a sudden OMG CONVERSATION IS DEAD LOOK AT EVERYONE ON THEIR PHONES!!!

    This bullcrap has been going on for decades, replacing one form of technology with another to blame whatever social problems they can, ignoring the individuals own issues. With TV, people were becoming zombies, and we needed to get away from the idiot box. The internet was keeping people indoors and making everyone fat. Stalkers were out there and the internet was dangerous so people were warned and told not to use it to meet people. Now it’s the same crap as phones.

    And let’s see what it has done to social interactions which was soooo perfect before. Because before smart phones, the divorce rate was very high. People divorcing over reasons including LACK OF COMMUNICATION. What’s to blame for that? Shall we go blame it on whatever technology was around at that time and call it a day?

    I use my phone, and I use it in public. I could easily be one of the people in these photos. What the photos don’t show is when I am out with my wife for a dinner date, my phone is away. We go for long walks by enjoying the sites and just talking. We may pull the phone out to respond to an sms or to take a photo, but not to jump on social media or play games. And guess what… I’m with the MAJORITY!

    There are a small amount of people with social issues and communication problems who will sink their heads into their phones every chance they get. But take away the phone and does the problem go away? NO! Because there are deep seeded issues which are being ignored once again and just blamed on technology.

    I hope in this lifetime I will live in a world where people don’t judge so easily. We live in a world with war, violence, murder, rape, poverty, discrimination, and for most people the biggest issue is people on their phones…

    Very poor article!

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