A Visual Feast of the Vivid Sydney Lights


‘Enchanted’ at the Sydney Customs House

Here at The 5 to 9 Life I like to work with independent and under-rated creative individuals, because honestly I still feel like I fall into that category with my writing and I feel like we should all band together to support each other.

Not wanting to sound like a Instagramable #quoteoftheday, but any creative will know that it’s a hard life out there to get work (whether it’s paid or not), so I like to lend a helping hand whenever and where-ever I can.


‘Space Folding’ at Cahill, Circular Quay


'Arclight' at The Rocks

‘Arclight’ at The Rocks

Case in point.

My workmate-turned-friend, Michelle has had a photography side business for a while now (quite possibly, almost as long as I’ve known her) and we finally found the chance to work together when I expressed that I was looking for someone to capture the beauty of Sydney’s annual lights, music and ideas festival – Vivid Sydney – this year.

'Living Mural Universal Everything' at The Opera House

‘Living Mural Universal Everything’ at The Opera House

'Mechanised Colour Assemblage' at the MCA

‘Mechanised Colour Assemblage’ at the MCA

'Mechanised Colour Assemblage' at the MCA

‘Mechanised Colour Assemblage’ at the MCA

Check out my what she captured all over Sydney and be ready to fall in love with her work like I have experienced again and again. <3


‘The Dresses’ at The Rocks



‘The Milky Laneway’ at The Rocks


‘Life Story’ at The Rocks

*All photography captured by Michelle Blazevic for The 5 to 9 Life.


‘Enchanted’ at the Sydney Customs House


‘Enchanted’ at the Sydney Customs House


‘Enchanted’ at the Sydney Customs House