Let It Go and ‘Let’s Dance’ with Sarsha Simone

It’s rare to find an artist with a unique voice that can reel you in and get you hooked on EVERY song they sing.

I was introduced to Sarsha Simone a few months ago when she appeared on the 20SYL remix of a track by herself and Moar. I still find myself grooving and singing along to that particular tune to this very day. Definitely one of my favourite tracks for 2015. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and check it out.

Since that tune, I’ve done quite a bit of digging on Simone’s past releases and her sound is simply refreshing. I absolutely love her voice!

Her new single, ‘Let’s Dance’ definitely doesn’t disappoint either.

Produced by Marley Cassette, the edgy single brings together elements of electronica, R&B and a touch of pop, creating a tune that will make you wanna get up and just dance! Pun intended.

Lyrically, the song is about letting go and dancing in the key of life, “contemplating the freedom and happiness people are always looking to outside sources for, when in reality the answer is within them.”

Or as Sarsha Simone describes on her Facebook page, ‘This song is all about finding your freedom within yourself, like that feeling when you put on your headphones, block the world out and just dance.’

This is something I can definitely relate to. How about you?