Kanye West Drops New Song ‘Facts’ On New Year’s Eve

If there’s anything that Kanye West is absolutely the best at, it’s getting the entire world to pay attention to him – even on a night when we’re all busy drinking, partying, and making up resolutions that we know we won’t keep in the New Year – Kanye West dropped a brand new song, ‘Facts’ and changed our focus almost immediately.

Though West has been hinting that a follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus was close, no one was sure exactly when it was coming.

Now it’s finally here. But, what does ‘Facts’ mean?

Simply put, it’s exactly what the title suggests — West dropping a whole lot of facts. Or, at least, his facts. With lyrics like below, no-one is safe.

“Plus Kimoji just shut down the app store
And we made a million a minute
Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby?
Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey? (Yo!)”

Shots Fired.