Exclusive: Win A Limited Edition Sarsha Simone ‘Casualty’ Tee

Sarsha Simone‘s latest single Casualty has been receiving plenty of airplay since its release earlier this year and has even reached a massive achievement of being streamed over 200,000 times on Spotify! Woo!

To celebrate all this and more, S.I.R Collective, Sarsha Simone and The 5 to 9 Life (That’s us!) have come together and are giving away limited edition bespoke ‘Casualty’ tees! Ooh la la.

Hand embroidered by Sarsha Simone herself (She’s so multi-talented, isn’t she?), the tees feature the song’s catchy hook, “Never be a casualty of love” on the back, with a small pink heart on the top left chest area.

We have 4 to give away, so if you would like to win one of these limited edition tees then all you need to do is head to Sarsha Simone‘s Instagram @sarshasimoneand follow the details to win!

Easy, right?
What are you waiting for? Open your Instagram app right now and go and follow her right now! 😀

Competition ends 5pm on 16 December, 2016.