Get To Know Fresh Hex Before He Supports Cashmere Cat Next Week

In case you missed it, Cashmere Cat is on his way down under and is due to kick off his national tour next week!!

Joining him on the tour are Nina Las Vegas along with Melbourne’s DJ Fresh Hex & Sydney producer Grasps_ who were both handpicked to support the Norway-via-LA producer, and so we took this chance to get to know Fresh Hex aka Randall Stagg before the big tour.

Scroll on as we chat to the Melbourne DJ about his sound, his new single, ‘Big Party’, his influences and what he has planned for 2018.

Introduce yourself.
I’m Fresh Hex, a songwriter and music producer from Melbourne, Australia.
My music has been called everything, from dark and menacing to bubbly and sweet to fun and powerful. I’ll be supporting the incredible Cashmere Cat and Nina Las Vegas in November in Melbourne.

Congratulations on the Cashmere Cat support slot! Tell us about your new single ‘Big Party’!
Thank you. When I found out I was going to support Cashmere Cat I performed a small dance of excitement. They are truly a special and unique artist.

‘Big Party’ is a flaming hot meteor running through the scorched skies of the underworld. It’s a party in hell and everyone is invited. I’d recommend turning off all the lights and listening LOUDLY on Spotify for maximum impact.

On your Facebook page, you describe your genre as “Cosmic Hair Brush Colour Wave” – how would you define this sound to the commoners/our readers?
Thanks for catching me out on this. This was my 2015 aesthetic that I had lazily forgotten to change. I have moved on.

My primary interest at any time with my music is to transport the listener to another time in their life, either real or imagined.

I love it when I show people my music and they say:
“This makes me feel like I’m riding a unicorn into a lightning-filled sky,” or “Can you turn that down? I’m trying to sleep.” My father put it best when he said “It’s a huge fun time in sonic technicolour.”

What 5 albums would you recommend to our readers to listen to?
I’m going to use this opportunity to highlight some artists and songs that I believe are super deserving of some attention:

Bump – King IV
Shaneera – Fatima Al Qadiri
Queen Of This Shit – Quay Dash
Speedlight – Canblaster, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones
Because – Smerz
Diseasey – Sälen
Anything released by Wave Racer or Kero Kero Bonito in 2018

What hardware/software did you start out with and what do you find works best for you now?
A computer, Roland JV-1080, Logic Pro, Ableton and terabytes of samples.

What’s the plan for your upcoming sets supporting Cashmere Cat? Will you be planning a set or mixing on impulse and spontaneity? Does the crowd ever influence your live sets?
We’re going to be kicking it up into 7th gear and then 7th heaven.

Let the windows down and feel the rush. It’ll be time to stop caring about everything and start caring about nothing. Grab a drink and put it in your face.

Crowd enjoyment is very, very important to me but I believe in playing new and unreleased music. It’s more important than providing hit after hit, drop after drop.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
I opened for our saviour and goddess SOPHIE in 2016.

How do you differentiate yourself from all the other producers in Melbourne?
There isn’t anyone in Melbourne that sounds like me.

Can you imagine if there were TWO Fresh Hex’s? Like an evil one and a good one….?
*starts planning concept record*

Who or what are you currently inspired by?
I’m inspired by atmospheres and feelings. What can make each day different to the last if all of our actions are the same? When there’s a feeling in the air that no one can describe yet everyone feels. Those are the most inspiring times. Also, puppies.

Dream collaboration?
It’d be with Hans Zimmer, Beck and myself. It would be a soundtrack about the degradation of planet Earth and the unsteady political and environmental turmoil that encapsulates the human race as we descend into the life-ending apocalypse. The album would be called “Oops”

What’s up next for you?
2018 will be the year I release lots of new music and play lots of shows.

To see Fresh Hex support Cashmere Cat, head over to here to grab yourself a ticket.

*Special thanks to Fresh Hex and Thinking Loud.