INQ. Release Their Debut EP ‘True & Livin’’

Western Sydney hip-hop duo INQ. (aka Inquisitive Minds) have released their debut EP, “True and Livin'” today.

Produced by Pökari, rappers/cousins Anthony Bobadilla and Justin Nacua have unveiled the EP as a journey of self-growth through a blend of unorthodox flows and production.

Featuring their hit single, Attention,’ the EP offers up six songs that invite you, as the listener, to open up your mind and feed your curiosity, as INQ. collectively express themselves through their music to tell you their process; their purpose; their story.

The duo operates alongside the Culture Club, who are a band of multidisciplinary Sydney based artists connected by their kindred immigrant upbringings and their encounters with self-identity.

Stream/Purchase INQ.’s ‘True and Livin’ here.