Rising Star Mahalia Unveils New Single ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’

British rising star Mahalia has unveiled her brilliant new single ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ alongside a cleverly crafted surrealistic video.

Produced by Maths Times Joy – who produced Mahalia’s stand-out debut single Sober – and emerging producer Swindle, ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ is a perfect example of her trademark, open-hearted lyricism fusing old-school soul and atmospheric synths with R&B/pop leanings.

The accompanying video was shot in LA by Director Andrew Litten over a 22-hour stint:
The first time I heard IWIMME, I knew the track needed a big idea. I’ve always loved Spike Jonze’s video for “Drop” by the Pharcyde and decided to pay homage by creating a backwards music video with a contemporary spin. I hired a linguist from UCLA to teach Mahalia the song backwards, which she surprisingly learned in the one day that we had to work with! The DP, Dustin Lane, and I have always wanted to make something in our neighbourhood, Highland Park. We chose family owned locations and hired a few extras while scouting the neighbourhood. Mahalia’s reversed performance oozes spontaneity and confidence. I can’t thank her enough for joining us on the journey, and signing on to recreate this insane concept.”

The video is a clever time-bending piece of work and turns the song into a fun, good-natured anthem. Oozing with sunshine, Mahalia revisits what life was like in a relationship, and how she wants to disconnect from past flings in a fun, R&B infused way.

Check it out above.