Get To Know Emerging Australian Artist Jack Gray

Every now and then, you hear a voice that makes you sit up a little straighter; perhaps it makes you lean forward with your hand reaching towards your music to turn the volume up. The latest artist that has given us that desire is young Australian artist Jack Gray.

Jack Gray. It may not be a name you’re familiar with but once you hear his voice, you’ll wish you had discovered him sooner.

At only 19-years-old, the young Aussie artist already has over a million Spotify streams to his name and is currently on tour in the UK with fellow Australian singer Dean Lewis. His new single, ‘My Hands’ has just been released and is a catchy electronic-pop track that really shows off his cool tones.

Best known for his musicality and DIY creative approach, we managed to grab some time with the singer/songwriter and producer from the Sunshine Coast to chat about life on the road, what drives him to sing and what we can expect next.

Introduce yourself.

Ahhh so I’m a 20-year-old singer/ songwriter and producer from North Queensland, Australia. I write music everyday either by myself or with my mates. And all I want is for people to hear the shit I spend every waking minute of my life doing!

How are you enjoying tour life and being on the road with Dean Lewis?

I’ve actually loved every second of it! Travelling the world and playing my music to all these different cultures has been such an incredible experience and that fact that it’s my job is the craziest thing! And Dean is a legend so all of this has been a dream come true, to say the least!

There’s a lot of range and interesting tones in your vocals. Did you have any formal training? Tell us about that first moment that made you want to sing.

Thank you! Growing up I was always so embarrassed to sing in front of anyone, even my family. It was actually a girl in high school that I had a little crush on which kinda gave me the inspiration to sing in public. I’ve had vocal lessons on and off since then but I wouldn’t say my technique is above average. However, it gets me by… 🙂

Could you tell us a bit more about your songwriting process and what spurs your creativity?

It’s funny; movies are a huge inspiration for me… I love watching older films and drawing from moments and moods that were created 20 years ago. The idea that one form of art can totally inspire another and vice versa is so cool!

Is there anything you hope people take away from your music?

I would hope that people who listen to my songs take away whatever the feeling is that I’m trying to portray. [I] Definitely don’t want people to be ambivalent about it.

Which artists are you listening to right now?

I actually feel like I live under a rock because I don’t listen to heaps of music. My friends are always giving me shit about how much new stuff I haven’t heard but it’s because I spend all day making it. And in between, I just need some sweet, sweet silence… However, I won’t be that guy and not give any names ‘cause I do try to check out what’s going on. I’ve been listening to Ruby Fields, The 1975, Nothing But Thieves, No Rome and a bit of Yungblud lately!

Name 5 artists/musicians that you would love to collaborate with on a future record.

  1. Kevin Parker
  2. Bon Iver
  3. Matty Healy
  4. Kanye
  5. Sam Bentley

What is the difference between the music you create and the music you listen to?

In most cases, I guess the difference is that it’s me making it all in my bedroom.

What’s next for Jack Gray?

Tour life; which I’m super excited about! I’ve been writing and recording for so long that getting to perform the songs feels so refreshing! In saying that, I’ll still be writing every day. 🙂