French Producer Evil Needle Releases Brand New Single “Phosphene”

I miss hearing music like this! Just layers upon layers of beats, synths and instrumentation inviting you to explore a story the artist is trying to tell you.

There is so much music out there to filter through these days and so when you can just go back to the good stuff like this, it’s in a way, refreshing to hear.

Evil Needle draws the listener in slowly on “Phosphene”, with sparkling electronic sounds soaked with spacey reverb, only to create a spectacular drop leading directly into a laid-back beat, driven by crisp, driving bass and stuttered samples. Skilfully manipulating the sounds of the track, the French producer manages to straddle the line between a bass-driven downtempo sound and a celestial-toned, dreamy number.”

Evil Needle‘s newest creation ‘Phosphene’ makes me want to dance and groove in fluid motions. It feels like an ethereal dream that I never want to wake up from.

We can’t wait for the release of his forthcoming “Igida” EP, set for release on 30th November via HW&W Recordings.