What Colour is Your Music?

Unless you know me, you’d be surprised by what you may find in my iPod.

An interesting video has come out of the i am OTHER channel (by the one and only Pharrell Williams) which leads to some controversial views. Can we truly label music by color, race, gender or ethnicity anymore? Can you really tell what someone has in their headphones based off race and appearance?

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Post Secret: Frank Warren

If you have never heard of Frank Warren or Post Secret, you need to google both of those terms immediately – or at least after you have read this post!

Warren is the creator of and is known as the most trusted stranger in America, but I think that now extends to the rest of the world.

Want to know why?

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A Trace Of The Sun: Volunteering In Japan (Documentary)

Last year, two months after the tsunamis hit Japan, American songstress Sara Bareilles boarded a flight to Japan for the first time to perform a benefit concert. During her time there, she and her bandmates also volunteered with All Hands Volunteers to help clean up the destruction and debris in the city of Ofunato.

Watch this eye-opening documentary to see what happened during her experience.

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Dirty Water

In 2009, DIRTY WATER (from developing countries) was designed to shock the public while inviting them to donate into the machine, via text message, or online.

The result?
The innovative and creative project engaged over 7.500 pedestrians in New York’s Manhattan, attracted worldwide media coverage, and increased the number of donation beyond all expectations, with the wide media exposure continues generating online and text message donations to UNICEF.

This campaign began in 2009 but the issue is still current today.

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Every year, millions of dollars on public transport MetroCards is lost in America (and Australia too). Students at NYU decided to develop a concept that could help better our world through recycling and help those in need by donating those lost funds to a charity each month.

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