Mr. Carmack Brings His “Original Sound” To Sydney’s Max Watts

Last weekend, Mr. Carmack was in town to serve fans a live musical sampler as a part of his latest initiative, “The Original Sound Tour.” The production guru descended upon our Sydney shores to deliver something a little different this time round to what his fans would be used to, showcasing his multi-instrumentalist skills. Is there anything he can’t do?
Read on to find out exactly what went down at his Sydney show last weekend.
Words and photography by Christine Aukusitino.

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Big Boi Brings The ‘BOOMIVERSE’ To Sydney’s Metro Theatre

Atlanta-born rapper and producer Big Boi was recently in the country to perform a couple of headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne. One of history’s greatest rhyme mavericks, Big Boi’s indelible influence remains unwavered across two generations of rap music and his Sydney performance was a back-catalogue of crowd-pleasers. Click the photo above to read our review.
Review by Talica Tamanitoakula.
Photography by Ishan Sharma.

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Rising Artist Daniel Caesar Gave A Breathtaking Performance in Sydney

Toronto musician Daniel Caesar was recently in Australia for the first time ever to play a few shows around the country. We were fortunate enough to snatch up tickets to his sold-out Sydney show which was upgraded to the larger venue of The Enmore Theatre on Sunday night. It was a highly anticipated show, but the Canadian singer/songwriter exceeded our expectations. Click on the photo above to read our review.

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