The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25

Who hasn’t heard of The Sartorialist? He’s pioneered the fashion blogging world and made everyone want to be a street photographer, taking photos of the locals wearing their best outfits. That’s how it all started for Scott Schuman and earlier this month, he invited 25 people that have had the biggest influence on the blog.

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It’s a book! It’s a magazine! It’s both! And it’s called HARD. A project created by German design student Ruben Scupin, this bookazine is simply amazing. Interactive. Attractive. Entertaining. Creative. The only element missing is your hands!

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Hard Graft

Hard Graft produces classic accessories for your money and gadgets.

Originally branded as a working class hero in 2006, the brand now produces strikingly eye-catching products that balance both elegant design and clever functions.

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Brook&Lyn x William Okpo

Brook&Lyn and William Okpo have collaborated together to release a limited edition capsule collection which shows the brands’ creative compatibility to imagine, design and produce.

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