Alexander Spit: A Breathtaking Trip (EP)

For some reason, Los Angeles artist Alexander Spit is still flying under the radar, and I have no idea why.

This week, Spit released ‘A Breathtaking Trip EP’, a free record for his fans.

With a full album due for release later on in the year, this 5-track self-produced EP is a great indication of what we can expect.

Check out my review of the record and cop the free download.

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Condensed Milk Presents…Cadillac Chunk

It makes me smile when I find out how creative my friends are. Over in my favourite Aussie city of Melbourne, my buddy Jackson Miles and his friend Amin PaYnE are preparing themselves tonight (Friday) for a massive show they have on with some very special guests.

Jackson Miles + Amin PaYne = DJs / Beatmakers / Producers = Condensed Milk.
Like I said: talented and creative.

Hit the jump to get yourselves familiar with their music and if you’re in Melbourne, do yourself a favour and go watch them live – TONIGHT.

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Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X: Black Orpheus

Crossing genres, generations and cultures, singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III and producer/emcee Melo-X are set to release their collaborative efforts via a full-length album, entitled “Zulu Guru”.

Listen to their first single ‘Black Orpheus’ now.

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Hellz Bellz Mixtape: In The Mood 4 Summer Love

The ladies behind Hellz Bellz have collaborated with DJ Soulre and recently dropped a new mixtape of music mixes called ‘In The Mood 4 Summer Love’.

This mixtape includes a big chunk of tunes from the era where RnB and hip hop music was at its best: the 90s. If you’re a fan of the nostalgic 90s, you will definitely dig this mix. Listen to it now!

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Oddisee: You Know Who You Are (Acoustic)

A friend of mine posted the original version of this track on his Facebook page about a week ago and within the comments, he also posted this acoustic version. I absolutely fell in love with the sound of this particular version, so I thought I would share it with you.

Oddisee is a Sudanese MC, whose music you guys should definitely check out.

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Frank Ocean: Channel Orange

Frank Ocean has a voice. A talented voice at that, and he definitely knows how to use it, creating stories through the records he releases.

Check out his new record, “Channel Orange”, where he manages to prove himself once again as a lyricist, vocalist and producer.

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What Colour is Your Music?

Unless you know me, you’d be surprised by what you may find in my iPod.

An interesting video has come out of the i am OTHER channel (by the one and only Pharrell Williams) which leads to some controversial views. Can we truly label music by color, race, gender or ethnicity anymore? Can you really tell what someone has in their headphones based off race and appearance?

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Azealia Banks: Liquorice

Last time Azealia Banks released a video, it pretty much went viral in an instant, and that was the video for her song ‘212’ (I suggest you Youtube it if you haven’t seen/heard it yet) so she had a lot to live up to with her visuals for her next single, ‘Liquorice’.

Already a fan of the song itself, I didn’t really care what the accompanying visuals to this track was like but I watched it, and she did a pretty good job, turning everyone’s expectations upside down. So fresh!!

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