Marlene: Stay Awake

‘Let me stay awake forever’.

Sometimes I think that if sleep was not an option, I would want to stay awake forever, just like newcomer Swedish sensation Marlene croons in her latest single, Awake Forever.

A cascading pop song against vibrant beats and lyrics that reel you in? Perfect combination if you ask me.

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Stüssy × Yo! MTV Raps Capsule Collection

This is indeed a match made in heaven.

Two true classics are put together in this latest collaboration.

California brand Stüssy hooks up with the Yo! MTV Raps franchise, the iconic TV show that ran under this name from 1988 until 1995 and continued until 1999 under the name Yo!. Together the two present a capsule T-shirt collection that features some of the rap world’s greatest.

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