Sydney will be ‘Rising Strong’ with Brené Brown Next Month

‘The physics of vulnerability is simple. If we are brave enough often enough, we will fall.’ – Brené Brown

Brené has spent the past thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame, and has discovered what it takes to lean into discomfort and vulnerability in the service of being brave.

See her perform in a very special event at the State Theatre in Sydney on 2nd March to discover her insights on all this and more. Click on for details.

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Inspiring Creativity

Calling all individuals who are creative or like to think that they are, let me ask you one question: What inspires your creativity?

I’m sure many of you will come up with the same answers – family, friends, art, music, love, etc.

Have you ever wondered what inspires the creative minds of those individuals that inspire you and your work?

Hit the link below to find out.

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Lonsdale: Urban Pursuit

Lonsdale have recently launched a limited edition collection for their new Winter 2014 range.

Entitled ‘Urban Pursuit’, Lonsdale has focused on urban culture and style trends that are reflective and reminiscent of the military and wild animals – both of which you may encounter when deep in the jungle.

Hit the jump to see the new ‘Urban Pursuit’ range!

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JR: Blow Up

Renegade artist JR spreads his work around the globe in filmmaker Matt Black’s latest short film.

Now a TED Prize-winner, semi-anonymous JR is shaking things up at the moment with a new project whereby he allows everyone to print and post works in their own neighborhoods, all for free.

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Vans The Omega x TEDxCanberra

Working within the event theme of ‘An Optimistic Challenge’, Vans the Omega showcased his unique talent in the often polarising world of graffiti art, live, in a stripped-back performance that saw the artist create a new mural of artwork in less than a day, with over 600 event attendees watching on.

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Parkour Way of Life: Ali Kadhim at TEDxParramatta

My last day in the office (before my Annual Leave officially kicked off), I was sent this video from a good friend of mine.

That friend is Ali Kadhim, whom recently spoke at an TED event in Parramatta, where he revealed the importance of self-belief, trusting in our ability to make change, and the principles of viewing obstacles as opportunities through understanding the art of Parkour.

Watch his speech and get ready to be inspired.

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